Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworms may infect the human body either in the form of a skin disease or as a parasite that thrives on human body and lies in the intestine. As a fungal infection, it can be found under the fingernails or any place in the body, feet and scalp. It forms a red round spot on the skin and is contagious in nature. Ringworms can be passed from one person to the other by direct skin-to-skin contact or on contact with contaminated articles such as combs, unwashed clothing and shower or pool surfaces. Ringworm patches last on the skin for a maximum of 2 weeks, while the ones on the scalp can extend anywhere between four days to a week. The ringworms that are found in the intestine are generally caused due to weak immune system. Whatever be the type of ringworm infection, it can be treated by resorting to certain natural ways. Read on to know some home remedies for treating ringworms.

Causes Of Ringworm
  • Skin wounds
  • Infected swimming pool water
  • Infection from pets
  • Lack of protective fatty acids on scalp
  • Lack of personal hygiene, like wearing unwashed clothes or sharing combs of infected people
  • Accumulation of sweat in the covered areas of the body

Symptoms Of Ringworm

On the Body

  • A circular rash on the skin that’s red and inflamed
  • Slightly raised expanding rings of red, scaly skin on the trunk or face
  • A round, flat patch of itchy skin
On the Scalp
  • One or more round patches of scaly skin, where the hair has broken off at or just above the scalp
  • Patches that slowly expand or enlarge
  • Scaly, gray or reddened areas
  • Patches that have small black dots
  • Brittle or fragile hair
  • Tender or painful areas

Home Remedies For Ringworm

For Ringworm Patches

  • Papaya is beneficial in treating ringworm patches. Rub a slice of papaya on the ringworm patches. Another alternative would be to make a paste with the powder of dry papaya seeds and water. Apply this paste over the ringworm patches. Let it dry and then wash off.
  • Prepare a paste of mustard seeds and water. Wash the skin using hot water thoroughly before applying this paste over the ringworm patches. Let the paste dry and then rinse it off with cool water.
  • Make a paste using the seeds of the herb butea, combined with some lime juice. Apply this past over the affected area and rinse it off after it dries. This is effective way to treat ringworm.
  • Extract the juice of the leaves of cassia tree and apply on the affected area. It will help stop the irritation of the skin and lessen the swelling and pain as well. Another way would be make a paste out of the leaves, with water, and apply it on the patches.
  • Extract the juice of holy basil and apply it over the affected area. This will prove beneficial in treating ringworm patches.
  • The juice of raw turmeric is beneficial, when applied on the patches. You can also consume a mixture of 1 tsp turmeric juice and 1 tsp honey.
  • Raw vegetable juice is beneficial in treating ringworm patches. Combine 300 ml carrot juice and 200 ml spinach juice and drink on a daily basis.
For Intestinal Ringworms
  • For treating intestinal ringworms, the best bet would be to have ½ cup juice of mint leaves daily. This will be helpful in curing ringworms.
  • Drinking 1 oz fresh amla juice everyday, for five days, will prove helpful in destroying worms.
  • For children, soak cotton ball in asafetida solution and place it on the anus. This would be helpful in treating ringworms.
  • Having tomatoes, sprinkled with black pepper and salt, early in the morning, on an empty stomach, is effective in curing ringworms.
  • Two grams of powdered mango kernel, taken with hot water, will be effective in treating ringworms.
  • Consuming mulberry fruit is helpful in curing ringworm. The syrup of the fruit is also helpful in killing the worms.
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