Home Remedies for Common Cardio Vascular Diseases

The term Cardio Vascular Problems is used to describe various heart related health issues. Human heart is one of the most spectacular creations of nature as it is built to work with stealth 24/7 and yet is also one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. As a muscle, its main job is to maintain healthy, continuous and clean blood supply throughout the human body, with the help of numerous arteries and veins connected to it. The insistent movement of heart when working rhythmically is unperceivable for most, yet when it beings to flutter or falter all hell breaks loose. Any symptom like breathless, pain etc in or around the heart should be taken seriously and treated without any delay. Thankfully, in todays day most of the cardio vascular problems are treatable and in some cases complete cure can also be achieved. Besides medical treatment there are several home remedies that can not only help get some relief from different heart issues but can also keep it fighting fit.

Some of the most common cardio vascular diseases rampant nowadays are high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart failure and stroke. These problems can be caused due any one or combination of several factors, such as hereditary traits, improper diet, infection and wrong lifestyle (drugs, stress, worries etc). Another common reason for development of several heart related complications is accumulation of cholesterol; it is a lubricant like substance manufactured in human body, essential for generation of certain hormones and Vitamin D. Today, cardio vascular diseases have become one of the leading killers. This section states some of the simplest and most effective home remedies for cardio vascular problems, which will improve your hearts health as well general wellness. First and foremost know that smoking is an absolute no no, if you want to keep your heart healthy. The main reason for prohibition on smoking is the inhalation of large quantities of nicotine, which causes several heart diseases, especially atherosclerosis.

One of the most potent heart health boosters available almost in every home is garlic; it not only eases the symptoms of heart related problems but also prevents major health issues from occurring. Garlic clears arteries as it is a natural antioxidant as well as anticoagulant, which helps regulate the blood movement. Its daily consumption is considered quite beneficial for patients suffering from cardio vascular problems. In order maintain a balanced blood pressure to avoid heart exhaustion a potassium-rich diet is highly recommended, you should consume products like white potatoes, yams, low-fat yogurt, soybeans, avocado, cantaloupe, nuts, oranges and lettuce. An increase in the calcium intake will help your heart become stronger. Salmon, figs, okra, kale and figs are some foods rich in calcium. Use of these home remedies in combination with proper diet and exercise are considered highly effective in treating and preventing cardio vascular problems. However, you must bear in mind that if you are already taking some heart medications, then before trying any of the home remedies mentioned in this section consult your physician.

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