Home Remedies for Oral and Dental Diseases

Most people find the dentists chair one of the most uncomfortable places to be, yet it is a necessary evil, for teeth and oral health is a sensitive matter. It is highly advisable that for any major oral or teeth related problem you should consult a certified dentist but for minor problems, you can find some easy and cost effective short term solutions in you kitchen, in form of several home remedies. Some of the common oral and dental problems that most people face are bad breath, bleeding gums, toothache, discoloring of teeth etc. You can get relief from many of these problems by using correct and timely home remedies. One of the best home remedies to avoid any sort of dental or oral problem is to rinse your mouth with warm saline water after meals, everyday. This coupled with regular brushing and flossing regime can protect your precious teeth against most of the teeth and gum infections. It will also bring down the possibility of suffering from bad breath, which may seem like a small problem but can seriously diminish your social quotient. This article gives you a preview of the interesting and highly effective home remedies relate to dental and oral health listed in this section.

Let us fist deal with one of the nightmarish eventualities, say you get a throbbing toothache during night with no dentist available, instead of going bonkers just visit your kitchen and take out a refrigerated cucumber, cut out a small piece of it, after pealing place it on the effected teeth. It will help relieve the pain; same effect can be achieved by using a refrigerated raw potato, as well. If you happen to have real vanilla extract at home then, apply it around the infected tooth. Since the vanilla is rich in desensitizing properties it will numb the effect area, which will reduce your pain considerably. Another equally painful if not more problematic dental and oral problem is of tissue infection. It includes cold sores, canker sores, gingivitis and various other gum diseases; these can be treated effectively with home remedies. One of the healthiest ways to sooth inflamed moth tissue is to apply aloe vera juice on it, you can also gargle with it, to reduce the swelling in the entire mouth.

In this age of junk food, naturally white teeth are hard to come across; people use many readymade, chemical laden products to brighten up their smiles. However, if you look towards you kitchen, you will discover several low cost items, which can whiten your teeth without any side effects. Use the pulp of strawberries and citrus fruits as a whitening gel on your teeth as they act as natural bleach but remove the mixture soon enough for it can corrode the enamel. The issue of bad breath occurs when there are too many deposits in the tongue, thus the tongue should be cleaned regularly with tongue scrapper. Those who have dry mouth are more prone to this condition, since natural cleansing by saliva is missing in their case. They can chew gum or fennel seeds, parsley or even cinnamon sticks to improve saliva flow. Home remedies no doubt are an effective way to deal with minor dental and oral problems but if any problem persists you must see your dentist immediately.

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