Home Remedies for Hiccups

Hiccups are involuntary actions over which we have not control. These reflex actions are caused due to the contractions in the diaphragm muscles. The diaphragm muscle divides the chest from the stomach. Hence, irritation in this causes breathing to be erratic, which causes the sound. Other causes of hiccups are eating too much and too fast, sudden excitement, hot and spicy foods, stomach disorders, kidney problems and infection in lungs. Although hiccups disappear on their own, continuous hiccups for a day or two is a cause for concern. Given are some home remedies for hiccups.

Causes Of Hiccups
  • Eating spicy food
  • Eating a large meal
  • Drinking too many carbonated beverages
  • Swallowing excessive air
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Tobacco use
  • Sudden excitement or emotional stress
  • Nerve damage or irritation.
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Surgery

Symptoms Of Hiccups
The only symptoms of hiccups are a characteristic sound, which is preceded by a small tightening sensation in your chest, abdomen or throat. While some people have four hiccups in a minute, there are many who get 60 hiccups a minute. Usually, they are not a cause for concern. Still, if a person has prolonged hiccups for more than 48 hours, it is a cause of worry and requires medical attention.

Home Remedies For Hiccups
  • A simple home remedy for hiccups would be to have water frequently in short durations.
  • Having a spoonful of peanut butter would work well in stopping hiccups.
  • Taking deep breaths when a person is having hiccups is beneficial.
  • A good home remedy for treating hiccups is to gargle, using lukewarm water.
  • Lick a tablespoon of sugar slowly. This is an effective natural way to cure hiccups.
  • Yet another simple trick would be to divert the mind to something else. this is effective in stopping hiccups.
  • In a cup of yoghurt, add 2 tsp of common salt. Have this slowly to stop the hiccups.
  • Take 2 cups of water and add ½ tsp of cardamom powder to it. Boil the water and then filter it. Have the filtrate to stop the hiccups.
  • Another remedy would be to suck crushed ice. This would provide instant relief.
  • Take a piece of ginger and suck it slowly. This would stop the hiccups.
  • Combine 1/2 tsp mustard seeds with 1/2 tsp of pure ghee. Swallow this mixture as it would stop the hiccups instantly.
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